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We bring history into your living rooms by creating stunning inlay work in semi-precious stones and marble. The origin is straight from the land of the monument of love, the Taj Mahal. The artists and creators of this unbelievable artwork are the descendants of those who worked on Taj Mahal. The designs are so unique that they stand apart in your living rooms forever. Visit our studio to a glimpse of these awe-inspiring items. Select any items from the existing designs or create one for yourself. Adziran gets the thrill in creating a bespoke item for you.
Stunning marble inlay work laced with semi-precious stones
Every art piece is handmade, unique, and compelling
Unmatchable craftmanship, sharpness, and creativity
Mughal era designs adapted to modern-day designs and patterns
Royal and ethnic artwork that is unparallel in marble inlay work

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