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Have you heard of a type of wood floor that is burnt? Would you use one of them for your home? What if I say, you should?!

One of the leading wood floor manufacturers in the world, Havwoods from UK has two products that fall into the above-mentioned category of wood floor. The manufacturing procedure is cumbersome. But, the end-product is simply stunning! It changes the ambiance of a room completely.

The Process:

Firstly, the wood is bleached to white. For this, the veneer is dipped in bleach for days. When removed, the wood would be pale white.

Then comes the visually horrifying part of the process: burning the wood. This process is not as dreadful as it may sound. The fire is applied only on the surface of the wood. This is done by hand with a handheld burner. The process makes sure that the surface is completely charred to black. It is then left for a while to cool down

The next step is to sand the surface. Initially, all the charred wood goes away. The sanding continues with more care then. There comes a stage when there is a little bit of the charred black wood remains and the bleached white area gets exposed. When the desired mix of black and white is achieved, the process is completed.

The wood is then cleaned of excess carbon and dust. It is treated with oil in a clean and dust-free booth. Then it is pressed and glued down to Siberian Birch Ply, which is, to a great extent, water resistant. The finished product comes in 20mm plank and herringbone designs.

This is a spectacular flooring. It gives the floor a rustic look. If it is laid in a house, it can be matched with similar antique looking furniture. These can be matched with modern furniture as well, depending on the designer’s taste. These are ideal for boutique retails shops and high-end restaurants.

The grains and pores are open in this flooring and oiled to a smooth finish. When one walks on it with bear feet, one gets a feeling of walking in nature. The real wood feeling below the feet is magical.

These can be used for walls as well

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