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PaviFLEX offers gym flooring that are best for any physical activity, and are so comfortable that anyone could train barefoot on them. Produced in Spain with a high density, non-marking virgin rubber, PaviFLEX flooring is so elastic that it will return the energy of the impact and will reduce the risk of injuries while training. They absorb impacts, acting as an excellent acoustic isolation material, with the optimum friction coefficient for each sport activity. They are water-proof, very easy to clean and maintain. The installation is really easy – just puzzle interlock the tiles on a clean and plain surface. PaviFLEX is fully customizable in colors, finishings and markings with insertions which will never fade away. 
Gym flooring solutions from virgin rubber
EcoFLEX: Made from waste rubber in their factory
Gym and track marking by inserting colours
Wide selection of gym flooring, mats, and custom-made designs
Interlock tile system, waterproof, and heavy-duty

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